Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Tuesday Evening

Hey gang, I know you all recognize Ellen. She is our favorite in house witch and she is a great lady. You must all come by and stop to say hello to Ellen this Friday night @ Witches Night Out.
What a great day I had at Flukes today. There were so many of you who stopped by to say how very excited you are about Friday night. Makes me so happy. I have to tell you I jump out of bed in the morning excited about getting ready
to see all of you.
Did you see the front page of the Daily News today? Didn't Gail look great? And let's not forget about the Pennies for P+
+overty. So many good and kind people stepping up and helping out. You should all be very proud.
Well that's all for tonight. Get some rest and more to come tomorrow. Oh yeah you can stop by Flukes everyday to drop off your food donations, we have a sweet little shopping cart to hold the offerings. Thought you all would like to know we have made many drop-offs at the Nbpt community center. Way to go Newburyporters!!!

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