Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Fathers Day

To all our Favorite Dad's "Happy Fathers Day" from Flukes and Finds and Friends. Hope you all get to sleep late, relax, watch sports, and bask in the warmth of your family. Of course we will be waiting to see you all at Flukes this Fathers Day. Cindy, Ellen and Charlene will be working. We have allot of fun stuff that you Dad's are sure to enjoy.
For all those out to Tour the Amazing Gardens in our beautiful area today, don't worry the rain is suppose to let up. I would still bring along an umbrella though, the rain drops will be rolling off the bright green leaves of the maple and oak trees. When you finish the tour stop by Flukes and bring along you Garden Tour Guide Book and receive 10% off any purchase. Just a little way to say thanks for all your patronage over the year.

To All Have a great day

Friday, May 30, 2008


Hey everyone! Another weekend is upon us! It doesn't appear that the sky will be blue tomorrow. Sounds like a great shopping day to me! I know I'll be out there scouting around for bargains and treasures. You know we'll be at Flukes and you should see some of the really neat new things that have come in this week. Are you looking for comfy stylish furniture for your screen porch? We have a great selection of wicker and rattan sofas in all sizes and colors, just waiting for you to stretch out and take a long afternoon snooze.
We are very busy right now gearing up for our big Birthday Bash! Next Saturday and Sunday we will open the doors to some really exciting new stuff. We will be serving birthday cake and margaritas. Jimmy Buffett will be belting out the tunes via the CD player. It is going to be a very fun and festive atmosphere. So slip into your flip flops and Hawaiian shirts and stop in and have a good ol' time.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

It's Hump Day!

Hey everyone it's hump day! Yippie! Here we are heading into Memorial Day Weekend and the forecast is looking good. Newburyport will be buzzing this weekend with "Spring Fest". Downtown will host crafters, food venders, music, and shopping galore. Sunday and Monday are the days to circle on your calendars. The "Gals" will all be at Flukes this weekend sharing the fun with all our friends. Hope you all come on by. We will have lots of new and seasonal stuff for you. Don't forget to stop and say hello and chat awhile.
Well I'm running out the door, off to find more treasures.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Hello Flukes Friends

Hello everyone, Is everyone enjoying the Spring? Don't you all wish the sun would shine just a little bit more? Well enough of that.
Newburyport just celebrated to Friday nights with their annual "SPRING INVITATION" evenings. And even though the weather was a bit wet alot of our friends got out and stopped by to say hello.
Mothers Day was wonderful. Cindy and I worked all day and so many of were wonderful and wished a "Happy Mothers' Day". Thanks! We really had a fun day!
There are alot of really fun things coming up.
Memorial Day Weekend it is the annual Spring Festival in Downtown Newburyport. There will be Food, and Fun and of course Flukes and Finds and Friends. We will have some really fabulous new things for your pleasure.
We have a Big Birthday Bash in June. There will be more details in the next posting.
Please leave comments and let us know your thoughts.
Thanks, Leslie

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

The Yard Sales

Well Mother Nature tried her best to dampen our spirits with the bucket of rain she showered us with, but she doesn't know the Ladies of "Flukes" very well. We went ahead and had out Yard Sales and it was a great success. Thanks to all of you who stopped by to say hello and to purchase some of the treasures we had out on the sidewalk under the tent. Even though is was nasty outside alot of you came inside to see what is new at "Flukes". We are really into the swing of Spring and Summer is just around the corner. There are lots of new arrivals. We have some wonderful wicker right now and many things that would make your garden smile.
Sunday is Mothers Day and if you are stummped as what to get Mom, how about a Flukes and Finds and Friends Gift Certificate. Can't make it in to pick one up? Don't worry just give a call @ 978-463-6968 and order it over the phone and we will pop it into the mail just in time for Mothers Day.

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Coming Soon!!

Hello again, Over the next couple of weeks you will meet each and every one of the Ladies of Flukes. We will start with our shop propietor Gail Gandolfi. Gail is the creator of Flukes and Finds and Friends. She has done business in and around Newburyport for over 25 years. We will let you get to know her so when you stop in you can stop and say hello.

Hello Friends

Hello all you friends of Flukes. We have some really fun things coming up! First Newburyport is having an Invitational Night this Friday from 6-9 PM. All of downtown Newburyport will have their doors open and will be offering lite refreshments. Of course "Flukes" will be open too and you all know how we like to have lots of fun. So come on over and say hello. Next on Saturday is Flukes and Finds and Friends Annual Yard Sale. We will have old and new, big and small, and whatnots for everyone. Sales Starts at 9AM. As always we have new and exciting things for you.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

New Friends at "Flukes"

WOW! We couldn't have asked for more perfect weather. The kids must be enjoying their "Spring Break". I know we have seen many of you this week strolling through Newburyport and taking time to stop into Flukes and Finds and Friends to say hello. Here are a couple of new Friends we met at Flukes this week.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Sring Has Sprung @ Flukes and Finds and Friends

Well here it is Patriot's Day and the sun has just come out. The past week was so beautiful and sunny warm. People were smiling as they stolled through the streets of downtown Newburyport and came in to visit us at "Flukes". I hope you got out to enjoy the weather!

We have so many wonderful new and fun things to make Spring a very special time here at "Flukes" More is arriving daily.

If you know us at "Flukes" you know it's always fresh and new, and most of all FUN! For those who have not had the pleasure to visit, we hope you do so soon. Stop and introduce yourself we look forward to meeting all of you.

We are a shop that is made up of 10 strong, friendly, creative woman. Our shop propietor is Gail Gandolfi. She is the driving force behind us. We have 5 principle furniture dealers, an in house artist, a gal who makes custom signs, and someone who specializes in fun vintage jewelry, and then there are two wonderful woman who work for us and thank goodness they do. In the next couple of weeks I will introduce you to each and everyone of them.

There are many things going on in Newburyport. The next really fun things are the "Invitation Nights" Friday, May 2, 6PM - 9PM and Friday, May 9, 6PM - 9PM. Everyone's door will be open and refreshments will be served. Look forward to seeing you!